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myDAQ Projects for Engineering Students teaches introductory engineering concepts through engaging DAQExpress workbooks exploring data acquisition, transducer interfacing, and programming...
NI myRIO Project Essentials Guide

by Dr. Ed Doering | Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

The myRIO Project Essentials Guide serves as the guide to interfacing NI myRIO to the wide variety of sensors, actuators, and displays that students will need for projects.
This set of labs introduce a variety of actuators commonly used in mechatronic systems. Through hands-on experimentation, students learn principles of electromagnetic actuation, linear and PWM...
Using this system-centric lab manual, students will gain hands on experience using, analyzing, and tuning a vision-enabled robotic arm.
NI myDAQ and NI Multisim Problems for Circuits Textbook

by Dr. Ed Doering | Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

This supplement to Circuits by Ulaby, Maharbiz, and Furse contains 40 additional homework problems designed for three-way solutions: analytical, simulation, and measurement.
Digital Electronics

by Enable Education

This is an intermediate level course covering both combinational and sequential digital electronics topics. Course topics range from simulating logic gates in NI Multisim to building and deploying...
Digital Communications

by Dr. Robert Heath | University of Texas, Austin

Digital Communications by Prof. Robert Heath features deep dives into algorithm design for modulation and demodulation; pulse shaping; energy detection; equalization; frame detection; introduction to...
This set of labs teach and demonstrate the fundamentals of interfacing with a variety of sensors commonly used in mechatronic systems, including pressure, flex, infrared, visible light, magnetism and...
This online, interactive course introduces students to mechatronic system design using both laboratory exercises and open-ended projects. Students gain fundamental skills by completing labs on...
The Quanser QNET DC Motor Board is a versatile servo system designed to teach and demonstrate the fundamentals of motor servo control.