Control System Design and Analysis - Simulink®

As automation and connected devices move from industry to commercial products and the home, an understanding of the design and implementation of control systems on hardware is essential. The lab progression that accompanies the Quanser Controls Board begins with a grounding in the basics of modeling and control. Topics then transition into more complex subjects including optimal control, hybrid control, and digital control. The skills and hands on experiences gained using the Controls Board are directly applicable to the challenges engineers face creating the complex systems that dominate the world today.
by Quanser Inc.


MATLAB® and Simulink® are registered trademarks of The MathWorks, Inc.




After completing the labs and projects in this manual, students will be able to complete the following actions:
  1. Model a first-order system both experimentally and theoretically.
  2. Create a control system to meet a set of desired specifications.
  3. Determine the stability of a system.
  4. Create a controller to control an unstable system.
  5. Create an optimal controller to govern the behavior of a complex coupled system.
  6. Control a digital system with a limited sampling rate.


Level Univesity, First or Second Year
Topic Controls
Style Laboratory, Project Based Learning
Prerequisite Skills
  • Differential Equations or equivalent
  • Linear Algebra or equivalent
  • Dynamic Systems or equivalent
  • Basic LabVIEW Proficiency



Engineering laboratory solution for project-based learning that combines instrumentation and embedded design with a web-driven experience, delivering a greater understanding of engineering fundamentals and system design.

Quanser Controls Board for NI ELVIS III

The Quanser Controls Application Board is a versatile servo system designed to teach the fundamentals of DC motor control, with an optional pendulum module to teach advanced topics in non-linear control.

Quanser Quarc™

Quanser’s QUARC™ software adds powerful tools and capabilities to Simulink® that make the development and deployment of sophisticated real-time mechatronics and control applications easier.

Required Software

  • Mathworks Matlab® R2017a, R2017b, or R2018
  • Mathworks Add-ons:
    • Matlab® Coder
    • Simulink®
    • Simulink® Coder
    • Control System Toolbox (Optional)
  • NI Compact RIO 18.0 or Later Download
  • Quanser Quarc™ Download | Set Up Instructions

Required Hardware


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