myDAQ Projects for Engineering Students

Wiring diagram for the Strongman Game project using a piezoelectric force sensor
myDAQ Projects for Engineering Students teaches introductory engineering concepts through engaging DAQExpress workbooks exploring data acquisition, transducer interfacing, and programming fundamentals. These projects become increasingly open ended as student’s skill level progresses, allowing them to flex their engineering design muscles. Projects start out automatically opening Measurement Panels for the students and interactively demonstrate how to navigate DAQExpress, teaching not only concepts but also programming for data acquisition. More advanced projects instruct students to program for themselves, culminating with the final project which invites students to find their own creative solutions to a number of open ended problems.

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  • Students will learn the fundamentals of data acquisition and processing through use of a variety of sensors.
  • Students will relate the skills they learn through projects to real-world engineering applications.
  • Students will gain proficiency in using a myDAQ, DAQExpress, and common circuit components.


Level University
Topic Introduction to Engineering
Style Laboratory
Prerequisite Skills Concurrent Introductory Circuits and Introductory Programming (recommended, but not required)



Combines a comprehensive set of plug-and-play computer-based lab instruments with portability for hands-on student learning in or outside the lab.


Save time with quick, clear access to DAQ measurements, get instant access to data without the need to program, then apply analysis or program for advanced acquisition, using built-in interactive tools to rapidly make data-driven decisions.

Required Software

  • DAQExpress 1.0

Required Hardware*

  • myDAQ - View Specifications
  • NTC 10kΩ thermistor
  • 100Ω, 220Ω,1.5kΩ, 10kΩ, 100kΩ, 10MΩ resistors
  • 100pF, 0.001uF, 0.1μF, 1μF,   capacitor
  • 3.5mm microphone
  • Buzzer
  • Potentiometer
  • Rotary encoder
  • Speaker
  • Breadboard
  • Wires
  • LEDs
  • DC Motor
  • Photocell
  • 2N3904 npn transistor
  • 1N4001 general-purpose rectifier
  • TIP120 resistor


Instructor resources are available. Get access


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Catherine Peacock
08-13-2019 06:59 PM

The Fritzing Library has been added under the Resources tab and is available to download.

naw naw
08-12-2019 08:12 AM

I also want to know how could I get access to the Fritzing myDAQ library used in this project series? please reply me. Thanks in advanced

Kevin Scoles
07-31-2019 09:22 PM

How could I get access to the Fritzing myDAQ library used in this project series?