Filtering and Temperature

Fourier transform of acquired signal
Learn how to filter a signal in hardware and software then create a digital thermometer. In this project students acquire temperature data using a thermistor and take a Fourier transform of that data. They then implement a physical low-pass filter and a low-pass filter in software and observe the effects of each of these on the signal. Finally, students can take the data acquired from the thermistor to create a digital thermometer displaying temperature.
This is module 4 of 10 in the course set, myDAQ Projects for Engineering Students.


  • DAQExpress workbook


  • Completed code


  • Basic circuit building
  • Basic familiarity with DAQExpress

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Required Software

  • DAQExpress 1.0

Required Hardware

  • myDAQ - View Specifications
  • NTC 10kΩ thermistor
  • Two 1.5kΩ resistors
  • 0.1μF capacitor
  • 1μF capacitor
  • Breadboard
  • Wires
  • Plastic bag filled with ice or other cold object to measure 


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