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Technical resources for building software best practices into your team.

Software standardization and success...

...  entails more than ensuring a team uses the same software tool. Your team should be implementing consistent and proven software practices. Three pillars of expertise are essential for ongoing success: Engineer Good Software, Engage in Community Learning, and Ensure Technical Leadership.   These practices include ensuring that your architecture aligns to your application, that you have onboarding and appropriate training for your team, and the you implement software engineering processes that fit your workflow.  Those teams that incorporate these best practices and choose to sit for and subsequently pass the CoE audit are awarded Center of Excellence Certification.  Twelve teams world-wide enjoy this elite honor.

Getting Started

Whether your team is pursuing LabVIEW Center of Excellence Certification or incorporating a few software engineering best practices, this section will get you started on the right...

Software Deployment and Continuous Integration

A key skill for any team that is optimizing process and minimizing cost is the skill of effective software deployment and building in a continuous integration process. This...

Architecture Mastery

Designing and constructing SOLID programs is an art that is learned through time and experience. Key principles and guidelines have been developed by the software community...

Development Environment & Core Concepts

Anytime one is learning a new language there are some key concepts to master. It takes a little effort and then the a-ha moment happens. These resources are here to complement...

Designated Technical Lead

The first place on the journey to creating a strong team is to have a designated technical leader who is sponsored and supported by his or her manager. This person will drive the...

Developer Mastery

The path to becoming a solid LabVIEW developer goes beyond taking a course and sitting for an exam. Growing in one's skills requires practice and teaming with your peers to...

External & Global Community

COMING SOON: Learn how to leverage the expertise and knowledge of your fellow LabVIEW programmers outside your organization.

Internal Onboarding

Ensuring team cohesion and the quick integration of new team members requires that you develop internal onboarding process and documents. Learn a few ideas on what to include in...

Organizational Proficiency Plan

COMING SOON: Executing a successful standardization strategy requires effort, time, and planning. This resource section will guide your team along the process by providing team...

User Groups

Whether you are setting up a user group at your company or where you live, this site will point you to all the tools that you need to begin and drive a great user group that is...

Learning and Development Plan

Building a strong team requires equipping your team with the appropriate knowledge. A technology excellence program includes the appropriate training and development activities...

Requirements Gathering and Tracking

Capturing and communicating requirements can be key to ensuring that the deliverable is indeed what the customer, even internal customers, was expecting. The Achilles heel of...

Design and Code Reviews

Of all the investments that your team could potentially make in your software development process, implementing code reviews is reasonably easy with a very high ROI. Why isn't...

Standard Libraries and Templates

The foundation for standardization and software cost savings is code reuse and building standard code templates and libraries that are shared by the team. This session will guide...

Software Testing

Software testing is often an afterthought which can be costly in time and money. The challenge is always in getting started and these resources should inspire you to do just that.

Code Management

The modest investment in developing a source code control plan can save significant time. Have you ever spent hours searching for a critical piece of code? Have you ever opened...

NIWeek 2018 SEPAD Sessions are Now Available!


For those of you who attended NIWeek 2018 and those who were not able, we have now posted the Software Engineering Processes Architecture and Design (SEPAD) sessions! 



Most of the sessions include the video of the session that was recorded at NIWeek.  These videos will include the presentation and the questions and discussion around the topic.  No, you do not have to spend days downloading large video files, we did that for you.  Videos have been editied for quality, but if you find any issues, please report them to (We have a few more videos to upload during the weeks of July 1st -15th)



Each sessions includes slides that you can easily view as you read the notes.  If you choose, you can also download the slies.   When you select download, you are taking to the slide "viewer."  From the viewer, you can select the gray "DOWNLOAD" like to access the actual slide deck.  We are missing a few side decks and will be adding those and relevant example code in the coming weeks (July 1st - July 15th)


To see all sessions follow this link.


To narrow your search, filter by “CoE Best Practice”:



Or the more general filter of “CoE Pillar”:



The “Content Source” filter allows you to see only NIWee 2018 - SEPAD Sessions:



If you are planning User Group agendas you can see all sessions that could be good for your group through the “User Group “Session” filter:



Comments and Questions:

In the future we will be adding more sessions from other NIWeek 2018 Tracks, CLA Summits, User Groups, and other events. 

If you have content to add, have a question, or found an issue with the site, please direct inquiries to:


Thank You!

Special thanks go out to our SEPAD track chairs Jon McBee and Becky Linton, all of our amazing presenters, our expert video team of:  Jon McBee, Becky Linkton, Mark Balla, Jeffrey Habets, and Christian Loew, the LabVIEW Champions who piloted this initiative a few years ago and wholeheartedly support it, and of course we thank the National Instruments NIWeek team for trusting us with this important track!