Getting Started

What is it that sets some teams apart from others? How do you ensure that you leverage the most from your software investment, empower your team, maximize quality, and create a team that drives innovation? After 5 years of working with, learning from, and coaching teams that deliver software excellence, we've pulled together the best practices that we've observed. Begin here to learn about the program and how to get started.



  • Understand the LabVIEW Center of Excellence Program
  • Download tools such as the CoE Process Self-Audit
  • Determine if you and your team are ready to dive into the LabVIEW Center of Excellence


Many teams want to improve standardization and reuse, or improve other processes or architecture. The Center of Excellence program provides the framework to enable success. Begin here to learn about the program.
Word Document: This is an extensive review of software engineering best practices. You and your team can use this audit document as a way to review current practices and begin your detailed gap analysis so that you can build a plan to integrate practices that align with your workflow.
Read the LabVIEW CoE Starter Guide: If you are hearing about the LabVIEW Center of Excellence program for the first time, review this starter guide to better understand the program and your role.
This is an essential first step in the process of pursuing LabVIEW Center of Excellence. As the designated technical lead, you are the primary point of contact who will drive the effort to ensure team proficiency and execution of software standardization. Learn about the role and the essentials for success.
Effectively driving proficiency efforts requires team alignment. Starting and growing a strong user group provides you a way to build proficiency on your team and garner the alignment to implement software engineering best practices as your pursue your LabVIEW Center of Excellence goals.
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