LabVIEW NXG Core 2: Create User-Driven Applications

The LabVIEW NXG Core 2 course is an extension of the LabVIEW NXG Core 1 course and teaches you to create user-driven applications. You will be able to implement parallel loops, programmatically respond to user interface events, and use proven design patterns. You learn to manage configuration settings in configuration files, develop an error handling strategy, and create standalone executables and packages to distribute your application. This course directly links LabVIEW NXG functionality to your application needs and provides a jump-start for application development.

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  • New users and users preparing to develop applications using LabVIEW NXG
  • LabVIEW NXG Core 1 course attendees
  • Users and technical managers evaluating LabVIEW NXG in purchasing decisions
  • Users pursuing the Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer certification
Task-based Objectives After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Implement multiple parallel loops and transfer data between the loops
  • Create an application that responds to user interface events
  • Implement robust user-driven applications using proven design patterns
  • Programmatically control user interface objects
  • Manage configuration settings for your application
  • Develop an error handling strategy for your application
  • Generate execution logs in your application
  • Prepare, build, and distribute stand-alone applications and packages
Learning Modules
  1. Welcome to LabVIEW NXG Core 2
  2. Implementing Parallel Processes and Loops
  3. Creating an Event-Driven User Interface
  4. Controlling the User Interface
  5. Managing Configuration Settings in an Application
  6. Developing an Error Handling Strategy
  7. Distributing Code
  8. Continue Your LabVIEW Education

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LabVIEW NXG gives you the ability to configure, automate, and visualize your test results, all within a single tool.



  • Experience developing basic applications in the LabVIEW NXG graphical programming environment
  • LabVIEW Core 1 or equivalent experience


System Requirements


NI Online Training courses are best utilized on systems meeting minimum requirements for best performance. Use the following guidelines:


  • Google Chrome (last two major versions)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest two major versions) – Extended Support Release (ESR) versions not supported
  • Safari (current version) – Macintosh Only
  • Microsoft Edge (current patch level) – Windows Only


Operating System
  • Windows 7/8/10 or later
  • MAC OS X 10.10 or later


NI Hardware and Software Used or Referenced


  • LabVIEW NXG 2.0 or later
  • NI-DAQmx driver 17.5 or later


Hardware - You do not need the hardware to take the course as the hardware related demos and solutions are all recorded.

Use simulated hardware where applicable or the list below as reference if you want to program and test the hardware related exercises:

  • Simulated hardware
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