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Lab 1: Half-Quad Modeling

by Quanser Inc.

In this lab, students use LabVIEW to develop a model for the Quanser AERO’s thrusters to relate the voltage applied to the angular speed of the propellers for a half-quadrotor system.
SPICE Analysis Fundamentals

by National Instruments

The National Instruments SPICE Analysis Fundamentals Series includes step-by-step tutorials on how to configure and run the different SPICE analyses available in Multisim, ranging from basic to...
Introduction to NI ELVIS II, NI Multisim, and NI LabVIEW

by Professor Barry Parton | Dalhousie University

These labs introduce measurements, instrumentation, and RF communications through hands-on labs with the NI ELVIS platform as it interfaces to Multisim and LabVIEW. Designed for NI ELVIS II/II+.
Diodes in a Rectifier

In this lab, students will understand the operation of a full-wave rectifier and learn how a capacitor can be used to more effectively convert AC to DC. Designed for NI ELVIS II/II+.
Fiber Optic Communications Labs for Emona FOTEx Add-on Board

by Emona Tims

The Emona FOTEx Add-on Board and lab manual provide a complete lab program in the key concepts of the transmission and manipulation of modern fiber optic signals. Designed for NI ELVIS II/II+.
Lab 5: Gain Scheduling

by Quanser Inc.

In this lab, students will explore the concept of gain scheduling, a process in which multiple linear controllers are designed for each operating region in a control system.
Lab 3: Qualitative PID Control

by Quanser Inc.

In this lab, students use LabVIEW to manually tune a PID controller based on the quality of the system response of the Aero plant.
Lab 4: Quantitative PID Control

by Quanser Inc.

In this lab, students will model the Quanser Aero as a second-order system, and the corresponding PID design by specification.
Semiconductor Memory

by Enable Education

Students are introduced to the concept of semiconductor memory in addition to a few types of memory. The lab concludes with students designing, constructing and simulating the function of a 4-bit...
LabVIEW Academy Curriculum Package

by National Instruments

The LabVIEW Academy Program helps to create students who are confident designing engineering projects on the NI platform, building the foundation for future success. Designed for NI ELVIS II/II+.