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Labs for Integrator Operational Amplifiers Add-On Board

by Integrator Ltd.

These hands-on labs teach operational amplifiers including the inverting amplifier, non-inverting amplifier, differential amplifier, integrator, and differentiator. Designed for NI ELVIS II/II+.
Labs for Integrator Power Electronics Add-On Board

by Integrator Ltd.

These labs teach concepts in power electronics including transformers, rectifiers, and voltage regulators conducted on a printed circuit board with 14 different circuits. Designed for NI ELVIS II/II+.
Real Analog: Circuits 1

by Digilent, Inc.

“Real Analog” is a comprehensive collection of educational materials that seamlessly blend hands-on design projects with theoretical concepts and circuit analysis techniques for a Circuits 1 course.
RealTime Power Electronics Lab by OPAL-RT


RealTime Power Electronics Teaching Software by OPAL-RT TECHNOLOGIES is part of an educational laboratory that combines software, hardware, and lab resources to teach power electronics controls and...
Teaching Electronics in Technical and Vocational Colleges

by Alexander McGlashan | Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology

This set of labs is aimed at teaching introductory and advanced electronics concepts for engineering technology and technician programs.
ECE Fundamentals 1

by The University of Virginia

Developed in collaboration with the University of Virginia, Fundamentals 1 is the first in a series of 3 course sets that redefine how the core topics of circuits, electronics, and signals and...
Complementary Labs for Electrical Engineering

by National Instruments

Complementary Labs for Electrical Engineering is a collection of seven labs that demonstrate how the Analog Discovery 2 can provide a way for students to experiment at home. The labs included are: RC...
Power Electronics Fundamentals

by National Instruments

The Power Electronics Fundamentals tutorials series provides an overview of power electronics basics, including topics like rectifiers, inverters, and regulators.
Engineering Signals and Systems Second Edition Textbook

by Dr. Fawwaz T. Ulaby and Dr. Andrew E. Yagle | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Sophomore or Junior level textbook designed for a two-course sequence, covering continuous-time signals and systems and their discrete-time counterparts.
Signals and Systems Labs for Emona SIGEx Add-on Board

by Emona Tims

The complete lab manual is designed to teach signals and systems concepts with LabVIEW graphical programming and the NI ELVIS platform. Designed for NI ELVIS II/II+.