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Power Electronics

by Dr. Nicola Femia | University of Salerno, and Texas Instruments

Students complete hands-on labs that cover the fundamentals of DC-DC linear regulators, DC-DC buck regulators, DC-AC inverters, and AC-DC rectifiers. Designed for NI ELVIS III.
Energy Systems Analysis

by Quanser Inc.

Students complete hands-on activities to investigate the essential functionality and behavior of energy conversion systems from AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC, and AC-AC. Designed for NI ELVIS III.
Analog Electronics

by Enable Education

In this lab manual students simulate, build, and analyze circuits to learn about behaviors, characteristics, and applications of common silicon-based components. Designed for use with NI ELVIS III.
Introduction to Circuits

by Enable Education

This course covers the fundamental concepts of circuit theory and analysis through simulation in Multisim Live, and real-life circuit-building. Designed for NI ELVIS III.
Analog and Microelectronics

by Quanser Inc., and Texas Instruments

This course covers fundamental components of Analog Electronics. Through theory and experimentation, students will be introduced to the building blocks of analog electronic design and guided through...
Measurements and Instrumentation

by Enable Education

Through theory and experimentation, students will be introduced through the four main components of taking a measurement: converting physical phenomena to a measurable signal, conditioning the...
Digital Electronics

by Enable Education

Students simulate combinational and sequential circuits and deploy them to an FPGA target. Designed for NI ELVIS III.
Signals & Systems

The complete lab manual is designed to teach signals and systems concepts with LabVIEW graphical programming and the NI ELVIS platform, including spectrum analysis, time domain analysis, sampling and...