Introduction to Circuits

This course covers the fundamental concepts of circuit theory and analysis. Through calculation, simulation in Multisim Live, and real-life circuit-building using the NI ELVIS III, students will explore and confirm the behavior of common components and configurations. Starting with elementary principles such as Ohm's law and Kirchoff's circuit laws, the course also covers equivalent circuits, voltage dividers and resistance bridges, capacitor and inductors circuits, and transformers. The circuits course culminates with a project lab in which students apply their learning in the context of a real-world electronic device, a radio. By completing this course, students will prepare themselves for future study in electronics.
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This course teaches students to:

  1. Differentiate among voltage, current, and power, and perform calculations based on their relationships.
  2. Discuss the functions, characteristics, and applications of resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transformers, and predict the output of RC, RL, and RLC circuits.
  3. Develop and analyze a circuit simulation, build a circuit on a breadboard, and measure it using common instrumentation.
  4. Apply fundamental techniques, including Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s Laws, nodal analysis, mesh analysis, superposition, Thevenin’s theorem, and Norton’s theorem to analyze a given circuit, and design a circuit to specification.


Level University, First or Second Year
Topic Introduction to Circuits
Style Laboratory, Project Based Learning
Prerequisite Skills Students should be able to:
  • Place and modify components, build a circuit, run a simulation, and measure results in Multisim Live
  • Run and connect to the NI ELVIS III and NI Protoboard
  • Connect, configure, run, and read measurements from the NI ELVIS III Instruments
  • Place and connect components on a breadboard
Links to tutorials and help documentation for these activities are provided in the labs.


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