Op-Amps Amplifiers

Circuit Set-up
In the previous lab, students examined the closed-loop behavior of an op-amp. In this lab, students will be measuring the response of an op-amp commonly used in closed-loop configurations. In these configurations, op-amps are used to amplify an input signal. First, students will look at a detailed definition of op-amp circuits and a web-based circuit simulation. Then, students will explore what op-amp circuits do and their importance through hands-on circuit building. Finally, students will examine how and why we use op-amp circuits.


This is lab 10 of 14 in the course, Analog Electronics.


After completing this lab, students will be able to:
  1. Discuss the characteristics, operation, and application of op-amp amplifiers.
  2. Measure the gain of a closed-loop op-amp.
  3. Design inverting and non-inverting configurations given a required amplifier gain. 


  • Basic proficiency using Multisim Live
  • Basic proficiency using ELVIS III Instruments
  • Basic knowledge of breadboarding
  • Basic knowledge of components and their behaviors

Required Software

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Required Hardware

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