Bipolar Junction Transistors

NPN and PNP Transistors
In this lab, students will be looking at some of the important applications of transistors in the real world: why they are important, why we use them, and what they can do. A transistor, similar to a faucet, can control the flow of electrical current. In section 1 of this lab, students will look at the definition and the importance of a transistor and understand its behavior by simulation using Multisim Live. In Section 2, students will understand how bipolar junction transistors are used as a switch. They will use actual breadboarding a circuit-building to confirm the theory and simulation.


This is lab 4 of 14 in the course, Analog Electronics.


After completing this lab, students will be able to:
  1. Discuss the characteristics, operation and application of a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT).
  2. Identify the regions of operation of a BJT.
  3. Manipulate the input to a BJT to operate the BJT as a switch.


  • Basic proficiency using Multisim Live
  • Basic proficiency using ELVIS III Instruments
  • Basic knowledge of breadboarding
  • Basic knowledge of components and their behaviors

Required Software

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Required Hardware

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