Lab 2: Active and Passive Filters

Active Low-Pass Filter Circuit Connected to Analog Discovery 2
This lab introduces students to the basic terminology and characteristics of filters such as filter slope, passband, stopband, and cut-off frequency. Students will learn about filter transfer functions for passive and active filters as well as higher-order passive filters and apply their knowledge by simulating and building these circuits. Advanced students can challenge themselves by exploring higher-order active filter implementations (such as Chebyshev and Butterworth) and how these implementations maximize different filter characteristics.
by National Instruments


This is lab 2 of 7 in the course, Complementary Labs for Electrical Engineering.


  • Active and Passive Filters Lab Manual



  • Introductory Circuits

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Analog Discovery 2

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Required Software

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  • Multisim Live Premium Account
  • Digilent WaveForms 2015


Required Hardware

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  • Analog Discovery 2 - NI Edition
  • Prototyping Breadboard
  • Wires
  • 1 kΩ resistor x 2
  • 10 kΩ resistor
  • 1 uF electrolytic capacitor
  • 0.1 uF ceramic or tantalum capacitor
  • Opamp (OP27)
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