Semiconductor Memory

The Semiconductor Memory interactive, online lab is hosted by Thinkscape.
Students are introduced to the concept of semiconductor memory, including different types of memory. Students complete activities in Multisim to configure a word generator, observe the reading and writing of a 2-bit code on a 2K8 RAM chip, and design, construct and simulate the writing and reading of a 4-bit code on 2K8 RAM chip. This lab is hosted by the online, interactive platform Thinkscape.
by Enable Education


This is lab 14 of 18 in the course, Digital Electronics.


Online, interactive course hosted on the Thinkscape platform


Admistrative and editing access to the online, interactive course hosted on the Thinkscape platform


  • Introductory physics and circuits 


Multisim is a circuit simulation tool built for educators to teach analog, digital, and power electronics by connecting simulation to experimentation. 

Required Software

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  • Multisim 14.0 or later (Requires license)

Required Hardware

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  • None
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