Flip Flops interactive, online lab powered by Thinkscape
Students will learn the basic behavior of D, JK, and T flip-flops, as well as their unique functions. Students will use Multisim to build, simulate, and observe various flip-flop circuits, and then answer assessment questions. The lab is hosted on the online, interactive platform Thinkscape.
by Enable Education


This is lab 10 of 18 in the course, Digital Electronics for NI ELVIS II/II+.


Online, interactive course hosted on the Thinkscape platform


Admistrative and editing access to the online, interactive course hosted on the Thinkscape platform


  • Introductory physics and circuits 


Multisim is a circuit simulation tool built for educators to teach analog, digital, and power electronics by connecting simulation to experimentation. 

Required Software

Download Academic Software, Learn About Software Licensing
  • NI ELVISmx Software Suite 14.0 or later (Includes Multsim 14.0 or later and required driver) - Download
  • Vivado Webpack HL - Download 
Note: After installing the Vivado Webapack HL, an additonal driver will need to be installed. This will be located at C:\NIFPGA\programs\Vivado2014_4\data\xicom\cable_drivers\nt64\digilent

Required Hardware

  • None
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