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Engage in hands-on experiments to better understand filter behavior and transfer functions for active and passive analog filters by simulating and then experimenting with Multisim Live and Analog Discovery 2. Develop a working knowledge of fundamental engineering concepts, like filter slope, passband, stopband, and cut-off frequency, through interactive simulation analysis and hands-on measurement verification. This is a learning module that is part of the NI Badge Program.


  • Online Learning Path with Four Modules
    • Introduction to Portable Measurement and Online Simulation Tools
    • Passive Filter Circuit Simulation with Multisim Live
    • Passive Filter Circuit Measurements Using Waveforms 2015
    • Active Filter Circuit Simulation using Multisim Live
    • Active Filter Circuit Measurements Using Waveforms 2015
  • Online Assessment
  • Digital Credential to Share Electronically


  • Basic Circuit Building

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These labs have related concepts that can expand student experience.

Analog Discovery 2

Gives students access to a 100 MS/s oscilloscope, a logic analyzer, and six other instruments in a pocket-sized lab device.

Multisim Live Premium

Extend circuit design and simulation into the web with this online SPICE circuit simulator that allows anyone on any device to simulate, share, and get ideas from thousands of reference designs.

Required Software

Required Components

  • Analog Parts Kit for Analog Discovery  - View Specifications
    • Or Equivalent Components:
      • Assorted Resistors
      • Assorted Capacitors
      • OP37 Op-Amp
      • Prototyping Breadboard
      • Wires.
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