High-Frequency Transformer Operation

The lab investigates the operation of a high-frequency transformer under square-wave voltage generated by a MOSFET full-bridge DC-AC inverter, and the relationships among physical parameters and operating conditions determining the output current and voltage and the amplitude of magnetizing current, under different coils configurations.
by Texas Instruments, and Dr. Nicola Femia | University of Salerno

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This is lab 10 of 12 in the course, Power Electronics.


After completing this lab, students will be able to:
  1. Given a transformer and an AC source with specified parameters, you will calculate the amplitude of its primary and secondary side voltages and currents and the minimum operating frequency needed to avoid saturation, with specified units and accuracy, under different secondary coils configurations.
  2. Given a transformer and an AC source with specified parameters, you will simulate its operation under different secondary coils configurations, to analyze the effect of transformer parameters on voltage and current waveforms, verify their consistency with theoretical predictions, and observe the magnetizing current drift caused by primary coil voltage DC component.
  3. Given a real transformer and a full-bridge inverter applying a square-wave of given amplitude and frequency to the pirmary coil voltage, you willl observer the transformer voltage and curretn waveforms and measure their amplitudes, with specified units and accuracy, to verify the transfrormer behavior in step-up and step-down operation and estimate the transformer magnetizing inductance.


  • Basic proficiency using Multisim Live
  • Basic proficiency using ELVIS III Instruments
  • Basic proficiency in circuits and analog electronics


Engineering laboratory solution for project-based learning that combines instrumentation and embedded design with a web-driven experience, delivering a greater understanding of engineering fundamentals and system design.

TI Power Electronics Board for NI ELVIS III

Application board for NI ELVIS III which provides a hands-on approach to power electronics using functional blocks and TI circuits to understand each component in a power electronics system.

Multisim Live

Multisim Live is an online, touch-optimized component of Multisim, so students can design and simulate their circuits anywhere, anytime, on any device.


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