Voltage Measurements

Measuring the voltage of a battery using a DMM. A brand new AAA battery would generally have a voltage of 1.5V. From this we can see that this battery is slightly used
Students are introduced to the concept and properties of voltage, including how it relates to current and resistance and how it is measured across various points in a circuit. First students will explore using a DMM to take voltage measurements of everyday objects. Following that, they will explore the relationship between voltage, current, and resistance in a circuit through Ohm's law and Kirchoff's Voltage Law. Finally they will look at several types of voltage measurements including AC/DC measurements as well as Single-Ended and Differential measurements
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This is lab 3 of 17 in the course, Measurements and Instrumentation.


After completing this lab, students will be able to:
  1. Simulate Ohm's Law using MultisimLive 
  2. Simulate AC/DC voltage sources using MultisimLive
  3. Use your NI ELVIS III DMM to measure voltage
  4. Use your NI ELVIS III Function Generator to generate a voltage signal and read it using an Oscilloscope
  5. Simulate Kirchhoff's Voltage Law using MultisimLive
  6. Conduct single-source voltage measurements using your NI Automated Measurements Board and LabVIEW
  7. Conduct differential voltage measurements using your NI Automated Measurements Board and LabVIEW


  • Basic proficiency using Multisim Live and LabVIEW
  • Basic proficiency using ELVIS III Instruments
  • Basic knowledge of components and their behaviors


Engineering laboratory solution for project-based learning that combines instrumentation and embedded design with a web-driven experience, delivering a greater understanding of engineering fundamentals and system design.

Automated Measurements Board for NI ELVIS III

An application board for NI ELVIS III that provides students with a experimental platform for understanding and designing a signal chain for sensor integration.


LabVIEW is systems engineering software for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights.

Multisim Live

Multisim Live is an online, touch-optimized component of Multisim, so students can design and simulate their circuits anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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