Sampling and Reconstruction

Examples of Sampled Signals
Students will explore how analog signals are converted to digital signals for use with digital transmissions systems. Students will sample a message using sample-and-hold scheme, examine the message in the frequency domain, reconstruct the message, as well as explore the relationship between sampling frequency and aliasing.
by Emona Tims

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This is lab 14 of 20 in the course, Communications Principles.


After completing this lab, students will be able to:
  1. Understand natural sampling and sample-and-hold approaches and what these approaches look like when applied to time domain signals.
  2. Understand the frequency-domain representation of a sampled signal.
  3. Understand the role of a reconstruction filter when recovering a sampled signal.
  4. Understand the cause of aliasing in a sampled system and its relationship to the Nyquist Sample Rate.


  • Basic proficiency using ELVIS III Instruments
  • Basic Circuits Knowledge


Engineering laboratory solution for project-based learning that combines instrumentation and embedded design with a web-driven experience, delivering a greater understanding of engineering fundamentals and system design.

Emona Communications Board for NI ELVIS III

Application board for the NI ELVIS III developed to teach introductory digital and analog communications topics using a completely hands-on approach.


Instructor resources are available. Get access

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