Code Management

The modest investment in developing a source code control plan can save significant time. Have you ever spent hours searching for a critical piece of code? Have you ever opened your code to find it broken, wishing you could turn the clock back to yesterday or a week ago? Then you spend days trying to fix the code? Rather than wait for the catastrophic, take the time now to learn how to implement SCC for you and your team.


This is a quick checklist of things to consider as you embark on implementing a source code control solution for you and your team.
If you are new to the concept of source code control, start here. You will learn the basic differences between centralized source code control and distributed version control systems.
This is an excellent overview of key concepts around version control and discusses best practices for SVN, Git, & Hg. This article is language agnostic.
This session is a very good overview of SCC, SVN and LabVIEW, explaining terms and process
This User Group session is a quick getting started guide to SCC with SVN and includes detailed steps so you can be up and running in a very short time. If you are new to SCC, review other sessions for a deeper understanding.
This User Group session covers not just SVN, but also the Toolkit from Viewpoint that integrates SVN into the LabVIEW Project
Many are moving to Distributed Version Control Systems. Git and GitHub hosting is a very popular option. Check the "Resources" tab to learn more about LabVIEW and Git. If you are looking at Git for the first time, this "Getting Started Guide" will point you to a few essential tools to set up a Git repository with GitHub hosting for LabVIEW. This section will also include "Resources" for Hg.
Coming Soon: An outstanding session from Delcor will be posted soon.
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