User Groups

Whether you are setting up a user group at your company or where you live, this site will point you to all the tools that you need to begin and drive a great user group that is Built to Last.



The Center of Excellence portal has a tremendous amount of content to enable you to be successful. This is document is your 1-page checklist for getting started and ensuring success.
This is an excellent introduction from LabVIEW Champion Chris Cilino. The session summarizes the keys to success. You can view this as you prepare to launch or improve your group. Also you can share this session with your user group to get alignment on new ideas. It is a must read!
This is a comprehensive document that includes every step and activity that you should consider when building a self-sustaining user group. This guide was written specifically for community/geographic user groups that attract people from companies in an area. Most of the topics can also be used for internal user groups at your company
This short topic will provide some ideas on how you can attract new members and grow attendance.
Next to finding a speaker, generating ideas on topics is the other challenge to building a self-sustaining user group. This topic provides many good ideas to keep your group going.
One of the big challenges for any ongoing user group is finding speakers. This short topic will give you some good ideas to ensure a solid lineup.
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