Software Testing

To begin our series on software testing, we direct you to an excellent blog post by Jon McBee (CLA, CLED, CTD, LabVIEW Champion, Certified ScrumMaster). Jon begins with a comparison of software unit testing to flossing one’s teeth. We will let you enjoy his analogy directly, though one data point is interesting. In a survey that has been conducted over the last few years and includes over 150 respondents, less than 10% state that they “often” or “always” test LabVIEW code with the NI Unit Test Framework (UTF) or another tool. When asked about conducting structured testing, the number rises to only 20%. Jon’s article is an outstanding review of effective methods for software testing that will inspire us all.


This will guide you in your first steps to implement a software testing strategy
James McNally is an expert LabVIEW Architect (CLA, CLED) and is an Alliance Partner. Join him on an interesting journey through unit testing. He also includes information on an open source test tool called LabSpy
This NIWeek session by Fabiola De la Cueva is an excellent intro to the value of unit test and the various tools to do unit test. The Resources tab links to the Community page that includes the video and the demo videos.
Learn how to manage end-to-end product traceability through real-world examples. Review industry-standard processes to understand the difference between what you need to test, and time and money wasters, know when to engage your test organization, learn how to design for test, and get strategies to effectively manage test coverage throughout the product life cycle. Discover how these practices can help you streamline your processes and learn tips and tools that can increase your engineering quality and lower your anxiety over anything you may have missed. (Actual slide deck coming in June 2017 - see "Resources" tab for video)
This session was delivered at the Madison User Group and includes an overview of unit testing as well as the details for using the JKI VI Tester
Two veterans, Jon McBee of Composed Systems and Blake Russell of G Systems present some thought provoking ideas at NIWeek 2017 in the Advanced Users Track. This session is essential learning for anyone embarking on integrating test into your process. Test is not just an afterthought, but should play a key role in helping drive good design.
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