Developer Mastery: File Management, Linking, and the Project

This is one of several sessions that you and your team can dive into after taking the LabVIEW Core 3 course and before you sit for the CLD exam. Understanding how to organize code and how the "LabVIEW Linker" works is essential. This session will reinforce your knowledge and understanding of LabVIEW, equipping you to align on standard process for your workflow.
This is module 10 of 14 in the learning set, Developer Mastery.
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Lorenz Casper
11-08-2017 02:42 PM

Very detailed presentation on usage of Project Explorer to manage files on disk. One thing came into my mind. Where is the best place to save own projects, libraries and so on. I would not recommend as seen on Slide 21 to use ...\vi.lib\... to save any self developed projects. I normally have my projects in a dedicated SCC Folder Structure or located at ..\Documents\National Instruments\... any opinion or best practices?