SystemLink System Setup

Install and configure SystemLink on a central computer and one or more targets to begin managing your systems and deploying packages. This badge earner is able to set up SystemLink Server from NI Package Manager then configure the SystemLink Client software on targets. Once you set up your SystemLink server and clients, you can use the NI SystemLink Web Application to view and manage your devices, deploy packages, and transfer data from clients to the server. This badge is earned by passing the related assessment.
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Goal Install and configure SystemLink on a central computer and targets to begin managing your systems.
Task-based Objectives
  • Demonstrate familiarity with basic networking and router set up, such as remote access, centralized visibility, and the control, installation and provisioning of systems.
  • Install SystemLink on a central computer, for use as a server.
  • Configure the web server with the NI Web Server Configuration Utility.
  • Install SystemLink Client on hardware targets.
  • Configure the target’s client settings to identify the associated server.
  • Approve systems for management in the SystemLink Web Application.


  Getting Started with SystemLink  
  NI SystemLink Manual  
  NI SystemLink Youtube Channel  

Refer to these videos to learn the required material for this badge:


  • Installing and Getting Started with the Systemlink Server
  • Configuring and Registering Windows Clients
  • Configuring and Registering NI Linux Real-Time Targets
  • Systems Manager Overview



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